The Chairman, Hong Kong

The Chairman: A Fresh and Traditional Take on Cantonese Cuisine

Cantonese cuisine is the most popular and influential of China’s eight culinary styles, thanks to its two thousand years of history and its emphasis on freshness. The Chairman strives to uphold this legacy by using local and fresh ingredients, products, and seafood.

The Chairman respects the tradition and simplicity of Cantonese cuisine, while adding its own touch and creativity. The dishes are prepared with skill and care, using quality ingredients such as aged lemon, young pigeon, oxtail, and rare herbs. The restaurant handpicks the freshest seafood from the Aberdeen Fish Market every morning, and uses beancurd sheets from the renowned “Shu Kee” store.

The Chairman makes its own sauces in the kitchen, using slow-cooked oils and spices to enhance the authentic flavors. The restaurant also has a small farm in Sheung Shui, where it cures its own preserved meat, pickles, and salted eggs.

The Chairman believes that fresh ingredients, outstanding sauces, and simple cooking are the keys to Cantonese cuisine. The dishes showcase the natural taste of poultry and seafood, without any unnecessary embellishment. The restaurant also avoids using shark’s fin, sea cucumber, and bird’s nest, opting for more interesting and eco-friendly delicacies instead.

The Chairman puts its thoughts into every dish, creating a unique and memorable dining experience. We hope you enjoy it.



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