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If you are a fashion lover who wants to discover the best of Buenos Aires’ design scene, you need to book a service with Shop Hop Buenos Aires, the ultimate bespoke shopping and styling agency in the city. Shop Hop Buenos Aires offers a variety of services to suit your needs, budget, and style, such as private, customized shopping tours, personal shopping services, wardrobe consultations, and worldwide shipping. Whether you are looking for leather, Argentine fashion designers, homewares, textiles, art, custom-made goods, or something very specific, Shop Hop Buenos Aires will design a shopping trip according to your requests, and take you to the most unique and hidden boutiques, artisan workshops, and appointment-only showrooms in the city. You will also gain access to exclusive discounts, insider tips, and personal attention from the friendly and professional staff. Shop Hop Buenos Aires is not just a shopping agency, it is a destination for fashion lovers who appreciate the finer things in life. You will also enjoy the authentic Argentine cuisine, prepared by the chef with fresh and local ingredients. You will have a buffet breakfast, a three-course lunch and dinner, and regular asados, the traditional barbecue. You will also have a curated wine list that features more than 120 labels from Argentina and around the world. Shop Hop Buenos Aires also offers a range of extra services, such as car rental, excursion booking, restaurant reservation, tango classes and shows, mate classes, wine tasting, and more. Shop Hop Buenos Aires is one of the most acclaimed and awarded shopping and styling agencies in the country, and a must-try for any traveler who visits Buenos Aires. Book your service now and discover why Shop Hop Buenos Aires is the ultimate shopping and styling experience.

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